Astronomy Activity #5: Ojiig Constellation Tracing

Ojiig Constellation Tracing

When you look up at the sky at night, do you ever notice patterns in the stars?

People all over the world have been seeing patterns in the stars since time immemorial! In this territory there is a lot of knowledge based in the giizhig (sky). The Anishinnabeg have many different stories and teachings about the anang, or the stars.  Anishinaabe constellations reflect knowledge about the changing seasons, movement of the Earth and subsistence activities. They also guide the timing of ceremonies, hunting and seasonal storytelling. The constellations may represent stories but they are also Sky Beings in their own rite. 

The story of the Ojiig Anang, the Fisher is not just to remember the stars, it teaches us about sharing, autumn, gratitude, the movement of the seasons and much more!

 Scan the code on  your smartphone camera to watch the story of Ojig Anang from Lessons of The Earth and Beyond as told by Isaac Murdoch.

Ojiig Constellation Tracing Activity

Materials: Sky chart, writing utensil, paper 

Once you have listened to this story, use the star chart attached and see if you can draw the outline of Ojiig! On a clear night, look to see if you can find Ojiig in the night sky. What position is Ojiig in? Are they pointed upwards or towards the horizon?

If you are interested in downloading these graphics, here is link to the PDF file!

Giizhigoong Activity Series ojig.pdf

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