Science Literacy: Interactive Resources On-the-Land

The following resources are recommended for families or classes/groups. 

Birds and climate change is a topic you may not have thought about before. The following two resources give some background on how climate change is affecting birds, and offers an activity to create a bird feeder as well as a bird journal and activity book to take outdoors and explore!


This interactive resource has children thinking about climate on a small scale; by constructing a terrarium! Materials can be carefully and respectfully collected from the outdoors to create a small ecosystem, where children can observe elements that make up climate. 

This resource is from Let's Talk Science.

TD Tree Days created a "Nature Activity Guide in 2020" to help promote on the land education and activities for kids and families to enjoy! TRACKS Youth Program collaborated with other incredible organizations such as Nature Conservancy of Canada, Birds Canada, Park People, Earth Rangers and Les Amis de la montagne to create this wonderful activity guide. 

Activities include, tree identification through bark rubbings, become a citizen scientist, bird identification, nature art, scavenger hunts etc.

Our final resource shared is from the Gumboot Kids Curriculum. Here is a description and rational for their curriculum:

"Children today spend less time outdoors than any generation in human history. Yet we know that a daily dose of nature makes kids smarter, more curious and creative. It’s simple: Kids need more nature! The Gumboot Kids is an excellent teaching tool..." - Ian Hanington, Senior Editor, David Suzuki Foundation

"The Gumboot Kids invite children to experience the wonders of nature. This collection will inspire kids to get outside and give them ideas about how to engage with nature once they are there. Curriculum guides offer opportunities for hands-on learning, physical activity and crafts. The guides also further explore the concept of mindfulness."

There are many topics that the Gumboots collection provides, as well as detailed activities, videos and lessons.