Indigenous Languages

Waking Up Ojibwe

The following link will take you to the Language Kits for learning Anishinaabemowin from home. The kits are broken down by theme including Ziigwan (Spring), Omaamaawi-Giizhigad (Mother’s Day) and Aginaasowinan (Numbers). You can also find videos, songs, activities and games through this resource. Everything is broken down into accessible bits and the pictures and lesson plans are created in engaging and fun ways. Check it out to learn a word or two or dive in for a fuller experience!

Ojibwemotaadidaa! - Let's Speak Ojibwe

Learn how to say numbers, visit the sugar bush and meet an animator from Red Lake First Nation! This is a fun half hour video for any student interested in Ojibwe culture and language.

Awesiiyag (Animals) in Ojibwe

This is a great video for younger kids to learn the names of some animals in Ojibwe!

Tota’s Rocker

Tota's Rocker is committed to the promotion of Kanyen'keha (Mohawk language) in the same fun ways that any Grandmother would.  Tota is the word we use when we speak to our grandmother or grandfather. Using fun songs, games, crafts and stories, Tota Tayohseron:tye encourages you to use the Kanyen'keha words you learn every day!

Beginning lessons in Anishinaabemowin offers a place for new learners to start. They require no prior knowledge of the language, but as you move through them you will find opportunities to practice what you’ve learned. In an elementary setting these lessons could be adapted for 3rd through 5th grade through stories, and songs.

Nenda-Gikendamang Ningo-Biboonagaak- We Seek to Learn Throughout the Year

This language resource walks learners through many different activities, printables and stories, all in Anishinaabemowin. This is an incredible location to introduce some basic teachings and language of the seasons and all of our relations.