Indigenous Education

Toronto Zoo Turtle Island Conservation Initiative 

The Toronto Zoo in partnership with First Nations communities has developed a variety of fun educational resources focused on traditional ecological knowledge and wetland conservation. Resources incorporate Anishinaabe and Haudenosaunee teachings, Ojibwe and Mohawk language, and both Indigenous and Western Science.


One of their resources in particular, “Ways of Knowing, Earth’s Teachings” has so much great information for all ages about Indigenous ways of knowing.

There are also curriculum based booklets which include many great teachings, discussions, and activities. Have fun exploring! 

Think Indigenous: Online Indigenous Education K-8

This resource through Facebook connects you with Indigenous educators from all over Turtle Island. They provide online learning opportunities for children K-8, all with an Indigenous lens. Here you can find topics such as archery basics, the importance of braids and stress management.

Deepening Knowledge: Resources for and about Aboriginal Education

This webpage is primarily a place to find teacher resources regarding how to incorporate Indigenous topics into the classroom but if you click through the links on the left side of the page you’ll find tons of resources for engaging with Indigenous knowledge and topics at home. There are endless videos, potential projects and book suggestions. If you look at the bar along the top you can find further connections under “Student Resources”.

Family Cultural Immersion Camp

Coming out of Wikwemikong Heritage Centre, this link will take you a 20 minute video of some basic Anishinaabemowin and some story time! Good for the whole family.

Canadian Bushcraft

Every Monday and Tuesday at 2pm, Caleb Musgrave is offering free online teachings about a variety of topics, all having to do with traditional ecological knowledge. Check out the Canadian Bushcraft page to see an archive of the videos he has already created in the last couple of weeks and be sure to tune in for the livestream next week!

Anishinaabe Mshkiki

Anishinaabe medicines 101! Joseph Pitiwanakwat from Creators Garden is offering online plant medicine teachings during this time. Tune in every Thursday and Friday at 1pm to hear Joe speak about his wealth of knowledge when it comes to our plant relatives.

Niimkiik/Thunderers: Anishinaabe Ways of Knowing

This google doc will take you through many aspects of Thunderbeings and thunder from both Indigenous and Western scientific understandings. Learn through language, science experiments, art projects, math calculations and music, to name a few! This is an amazing resources for all things thunder!

Nang/Star: Anishinaabe Ways of Knowing

This is another google doc but this time, all things stars! Learn about constellations, conduct som lunar math with NASA or learn star phrases in Anishinaabemowin. This resource could spread across a whole afternoon or even an entire week!

Nibi/Water: Anishinaabe Ways of Knowing

From writing activities to embodied outdoor lessons, this resource will allow you to engage with many perspectives of water. This resource includes some of our favourite activities at TRACKS as well including an oil spill simulation, water filtration experiments and discussion about water protectors.

Four Directions Teachings

This website will guide learners through Blackfoot, Cree, Ojibwe, Mohawk and M’ikmaq understandings of directional teachings, clan systems and other aspects of each distinct culture. Including animated videos and teachings from Elders, this is a great resource to use as a jumping off point for deeper learning.

Ojiibiikaan: Indigenous Cultural Network

Based in Toronto, Ojiibiikaan engages youth and families about Indigenous food sovereignty, such as food and nutrition education, sustainable food systems and practices, and traditional ecological knowledge. They’re offering some online programs during this time including how to make more food from your kitchen scraps and traditional cooking recipes.

Ojibwe Cultural Foundation

OCF is compiling some incredible programming on this google doc including Anishinaabemowin resources, beading challenges and online dance groups! They’re continually updating this resource list as well.

Beany John Hoop Dance

This is a great video that introduces the history of some traditional dance styles. Learn about the grass dance and hoop dance from Beany John and experience an incredible performance!

Warrior Kids Podcast

Created by Pam Palmater, Warrior Kids Podcast is an interactive podcast that is a celebration of everything Indigenous! They share Indigenous cultures and values so that kids can learn about what it means to be strong, healthy and compassionate warriors for themselves, their families, communities and Nations. Be sure to subscribe so that your kids can listen to new podcasts as they’re released!