Science Experiments and Resources

"Why do we need to wash our hands?"

Easy science trick to show how and why washing your hands is effective. All you need is black pepper, water and soap.

Making Homemade Rock Candy

This is a fun at home science experiment and kitchen lesson all in one. The only materials needed are water, sugar, and wooden skewers or some kind of stick. It takes 7 days for candy to crystallize but oh is it worth the wait! 

Coyote Science

Admittedly one of our favourite shows here at TRACKS. Coyote’s Crazy Smart Science Show is a leading edge, adventures-in-science series that encourages Indigenous youth to explore the science of the world – from an Indigenous perspective. This is fun scientific investigation that brings our beautiful and complex universe alive — and celebrates the ingenuity and scientific knowledge of Indigenous people. The youtube channel is just a taste, check out the APTN link on this list to find out how to find full episodes!

STEM at Home

As a part of the national network, Actua, TRACKS is able to connect you with this incredible database of online learning resources specific to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). The amount of resources might seem daunting at first but you can refine your search by selecting a specific age, subject and price (a ton of them are free!) Keep checking back on this list as it will be continually updated during the time kids are home.

STAO Online Resources - Science Teachers Association of Ontario

Our  K-12 Streaming platform is curriculum correlated by grade level. It's a video-centric platform where teachers would be able to assign specific science videos with study guides (not all videos have guides) and send them via various platforms. Guides come with questions prior to the video, during the video, and after. Access Learning is a widely used platform by teachers and students across Canada.

To access the grade K-12 educational video streaming resources click here

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Sound Waves and Oobleck

A fun at home science experiment using materials from your kitchen. Get your hands messy by making some Oobleck and learn about how sound travels.