For Parents

Traditional Indigenous Kinship Practices at Home: Being Child-Centered During the Pandemic

A worthwhile read that allows us to envision and embody new perspectives on what it means to have kids at home during this time. Outlining Indigeous parenthood, this article gives some context to (and some methods for) how we can become role models for children at this time, and by extension, closer knit families and communities.

A Kids Book About COVID-19

Good for kids and parents alike, this free downloadable ebook breaks down all the facts so we can understand the issues, and move forward with resiliency and equipped with proper information!

My COVID-19 Story

As physical distancing measures continue, your kids no doubt have questions about this time when they’re being asked to stay away from their friends, teachers and extended family. This is a beautiful storybook about how to talk to children about COVID-19. Written from the perspective of a First Nations community, this book can help you walk through what’s going on in the world, no matter your situation or where you live.

Peterborough Public Health- Information for Parents

This is a great resource for any questions or concerns you may have regarding COVID-19 in the Peterborough Community. There are also other resources listed that can support you during this time including tips on positive parenting, online parenting events, financial support for families and activities for kids.