Colouring Pages

You can select a few pages below or print whole booklets from home!

Ojibwe Colouring and Activity Book 

Anishinaabe Colouring and Activity Book

Ojibwe Colouring Books by Patrick Hunter 

Inuit Art and Colouring Pages by Nasugraq Hopson

Compiled Indigenous Drawings

Here’s a bunch of colouring pages compiled together in one place! They are all done by authentic indigenous artists with their names on each individual picture in the caption.

Urban Iskwew Colouring Pages

Some more amazing options to harness the inner artist. On this page you’ll find Flowers designed and inspired by the animals that represent the Seven Grandfather teachings as well as a blank moccasin page so you can flaunt your personal style!

Christi Belcourt Colouring Page

Christi Belcourt has drawn a brand new image, just for this time while we’re all at home. Save the image from the link below, print it off, colour it in the most creative way you can and then post it on this page for everyone to see!