Hawk and Hare Unplugged Coding Game

Waaboz (hare) is looking for food, and Mshikekek (cooper’s hawk) is hunting for Waaboz. During this unplugged coding activity, students will work in teams to collect food and safely return home while learning about reciprocity, ecosystem balance, and sustainability . They’ll have to adapt to a series of obstacles that Waaboz and Mshikekek encounter in real life and listen to their teammate's coding commands!

All TRACKS workshops combine Indigenous Science and Western Science within an environmental context. All workshops will relate to the natural world and encourage kids to think about their responsibilities to the land.

Workshop details:

Grades: 4-12
Length: 90 minutes - timing is flexible to align with set class periods
Cost: $250 plus mileage ($0.68/km)

If you have questions before you request your workshop, email schools@tracksprogram.ca