04 Jul

1. How many years have you worked/volunteered with TRACKS?

 I have worked with TRACKS for around 10 years

2. What is your favourite part about working at TRACKS?

My favourite part about working at TRACKS is learning while creating games to teach

3. What programming is your favourite to run and why?

 I really like running Turtle Hurdles, it’s always a hit and it’s fun to run 

4. What is your favourite nature fact? And share what it is.

 During first contact when all the sailors and colonists had contracted scurvy, it was cedar tea and birch tea which was offered by Indigenous people which was used to treat it.
5. What is your go to native plant for teachings and why?

Sumac; its good for a lot of things, it tastes good in lemonade, you can use it for smudge and its readily available where I am.

6. What is your favourite activity to do outside of work?

Socializing; If it involves hanging out with other people, I’m engaged and interesting.

7. What is the most important thing you learned while working at TRACKS?

I’ve learned a lot, but learning how to teach and present to large and rowdy groups has been very useful in my own academic career.

8. Where is your favourite natural area to visit in Nogojiwanong and why?

Jackson park because it’s one of the few areas within Nogojiwanong that has a large amount of greenery.

9. What inspired you to get into outdoor and INSTEM education?

 I was involved when I was younger and it just made sense because of my experience.

10. If you could give advice to anyone who wants to get into this field of work, what would you tell them?

There is more acting involved and playing the part than you think.