31 Aug

Working with the TRACKS team this summer was a fun and educational experience. Within my role as the communications lead, I was able to see first hand all the programming TRACKS provides. Especially because I was responsible for taking photos, I was really able to focus in on those special moments. 

One of my favourite personal learning experiences of the summer was the shkode workshop. I was surprised how many natural fire starters were available within nature other than the ones commonly used such as birchbark. There were so many layers to building fire and I really enjoyed learning about how to respect the fire and give thanks for all it does for us. One of the guest Knowledge Holders talked about how fire brings about community and that really resonated with me. As I leave this position I know I will have those teachings with me for a long time. 

One of the best parts of my summer was getting to know my fellow co-workers. By end of August it felt like a community was created and that in itself is a gift I will take with me. I'm looking forward to seeing how TRACKS continues to evolve a an organization and continues to build its community.