30 Aug

My time as an Educational Instructor with TRACKS was full of learning. One of the places in which I experienced great learning was in the Trent University Nature Areas behind the Camp Kawartha Environment Centre. 

The TRACKS team spent time on these trails prior to camp weeks. During our walks, fellow staff shared so much knowledge about the plant life along the trails and how we live in relationship with them as Indigenous peoples. I learned more about plant identification and biodiversity, as well as locations in which particular plants and trees grow. I will always remember this knowledge shared by my peers and have since shared about this with others in my life. Learning is truly continuous and circular at TRACKS. 

Spending time on the land sharing knowledge has encouraged me to remain mindful on walks, taking in all the life that surrounds me and continuously learning from the land. During camp week, we were able to take the campers into an open space in the forest to play ecosystem manhunt. This game was organized by some of the TRACKS staff and is always a hit with the campers! They get to play different roles in an ecosystem and learn about food webs, while running around in friendly competition with their peers. The trails added a further challenge that the campers embraced, as they continued to discuss the game throughout the week. 

Throughout the summer, the trees, wetlands, and trails provided a beautiful area of our Michi Saagiig territory to learn about and from one another. I am always grateful for times in which I get to be on the land as a Michi Saagiig Anishinaabe kwe, and TRACKS provided plentiful opportunities for these interactions.

 I am grateful for all of the amazing teachers within the TRACKS staff and the campers, who taught me so much everyday!