04 Jul

1. How many years have you worked/volunteered with TRACKS?

This is my second year at TRACKS.

2. What is your favourite part about working at TRACKS?

My favourite part about working at TRACKS is being able to take what I’ve learnt throughout the school year and weave different knowledges together to create a more in-depth and inclusive way of viewing nature. Something else I love about working at TRACKS is how community-oriented the work environment is, and the collaborative work we do. Something else that is special is seeing children and youth thrive from the inclusive and holistic education that we get to create at TRACKS.

3. What programming is your favourite to run and why? 

Running programming where we introduce kids to new ideas and you can see them learn throughout the programming and bring their own knowledge and gifts to the lessons- I’d say those are my favourite programs to run!

4. What is your favourite nature fact? And share what it is.

I love thinking about how all of Nature is connected and has a purpose and how important relationships are to continue the cycles of life. I also love how different plants talk to each other

5. What is your go-to native plant for teachings and why?

I would say Mooshkowaawis/bee balm because of their medicinal properties, the recipes you can make from them and their reciprocal relationship with so many pollinators here.

6. What is your favourite activity to do outside of work?

Definitely kayaking, going on walks in forests, spending time with people, swimming, cooking and crafting (making things)!

7. What is the most important thing you learned while working at TRACKS?

I learned the kind of work that nourishes my soul.

8. Where is your favourite natural area to visit in Nogojiwanong and why?

The wetland near my old house because I watched one beaver turn into a family of five over a few years and wetlands fill my heart with joy!

9. What inspired you to get into outdoor and INSTEM education?

I always knew I wanted to do outdoor education and everything I learned in Indigenous Environmental Science/Studies classes that I had the honour of being a part of taught me that there are so many wonderful ways to understand, learn and teach about nature.

10. If you could give advice to anyone who wants to get into this field of work, what would you tell them?

I would say listen to your heart, follow your passions and get prepared to learn a lot.