30 Aug

TRACKS; Thank you so very deeply for the experiences that you all have given me. To speak on the reciprocal love, acknowledgment and appreciation between the team as strong Indigenous Peoples and settlers who remain aware and respectful of their visitor place on Indigenous land; would be second to the shared knowledge and hard work between us all.

The knowledge we all brought together has been and shall remain un-matchable. Each one of us as individuals bring in a different perspective from our lived experiences with our
connections to our land, water, medicines as well as a fierce passion for learning and of course, possibly the most crucial portion; teaching the future generation of Indigenous youth
and strong well educated allies so we may continue to create a safe and healthy environment. 

As our ancestors were and some still are denied this basic right of access to our own knowledge and the ability to demonstrate our identity in a ceremonial way or openly at all due to risk. It is our responsibility to ensure the continuation of our knowledge and keep our traditions alight and safe to learn about emotionally and physically. We do this with pride, good intention and warmth within our hearts. We spend our office days researching and properly sourcing the stories of the constellations, Manoomin (wild rice), Nibi (water) teachings, Ishkode (fire) teachings and Land teachings.

While all of us discuss, share, acknowledge, constructively critique one another on these topics/ teachings and stories in a respectful manner; we also look into and recreate our favourite childhood games to teach in a non-pressure environment. “Drip drip drop” in turn of “duck duck goose"; to tie a fun, cooling water game into water (nibi) teachings throughout the warm summer days where we use sponges and buckets filled with water to play; is an example of one of these games. 

We strive for a better future, a safe and healthy learning environment and to build strong lasting connections with one another in order to thrive in the presence of the land, ourselves and others.

Chi Miigwech TRACKS staff and facilitators!