26 May

     Aaniin Boozhoo, Zhaawnong Webb Ndizhinikaaz giigak ndoodem, Kawartha Nishinawbe First Nation Burleigh Falls Ndoonjibaa, Anishinaabe inini ndow. Hello my name is Zhaawnong Webb, I am a member of the crane clan in the Anishinaabe Nation. I am from the Kawartha Nishinawbe community in Burleigh Falls Ontario and a treaty status member from Kitigan-Zibi First Nation in Quebec.  I am fortunate to have grown up in an Anishinaabe community where I had good parents and Elders to support and guide me towards a future in Indigenous Knowledge and culture. From a young child, I was raised with traditional Anishinaabe teachings that include a naming ceremony, fasting ceremonies, hunting, fishing, and pow wow drumming and singing. I have also more recently began taking on the responsibilities that come with being a traditional Fire Keeper. 

     When I was first starting school, I attended an Anishinaabe culture based school in Burleigh Falls where I learned the public school curriculum taught through an Indigenous perspective that involved teachings and ceremony. As an adult, Indigenous knowledge has been the foundation of my world views, I am learning how to combine both Indigenous Knowledge and Western Sciences to help lead our future generations towards a future of love and respect for the natural world.  

     Joining the TRACKS team as an Outreach & Education Instructor, I will get the opportunity to reach out to our youth, giving them the necessary skills and knowledge to get started on their own paths towards environmental knowledge and protection. All while sharing our own stories and building relationships. In my future with TRACKS I hope to learn from our younger generations and better develop my own arsenal of skills to aid in my aspiring future in environmental education.