19 Jul

Aaniin Boozhoo, my name is Presley Crowe from Alderville First Nation. I am 17 years old. I graduated from Thomas A Stewart and am now heading to Trent University for Nursing.

I moved to Curve Lake with my family last summer and we really like it. I am from a big family who are all from Curve Lake except for me.

This September I am heading to Fleming for a PSW course then after I graduate, I can go for a  RPN course which leads to a bridging program I can take after going to Trent University to take a RN nursing program.

I came to the manoomin land camp last summer and I had so much fun I really wanted to be part of it this summer, it is such a cool job you learn so much and meet so many people without all of the stress.  

I'm looking forward to week three when we go rowing. I think that will be so cool and such a great experience and hopefully there will be better weather.I am also looking forward to all the new experiences and all the people I will meet I think it is important to get to know the people in your community because it opens up so many more doors for you I enjoy this type of work because its fun and not very hard and you meet so many people on the way and you learn so much and it keeps us involved and close to the land