19 Jul

I am so glad I am now working at the Tracks Youth Program because of the experiences I will be having and definitely meeting new people and making friends all around. I am also excited about the activities we will be doing and having so much fun! I`m so glad I took this job because I will be learning about the aboriginal culture and what it teaches. I am very interested in the camps that are coming up soon and I love being around people learning about new things that I can use in the future and tell other people about. Also because of this program, I am going to be outside and near water a lot of the time which is one of my favourite things to be doing most of the time and I am definitely excited to be here during the summer. 

There's so many things I have already learned toward working here which is truly amazing. There's so many people that don’t have very much experience in learning about Indigenous cultures and those people can learn from other people that took part in learning more. Another reason I like working here is because I’m doing things instead of sitting at home which is amazing because you're active but you're also learning about cultures which I was talking about before. It’s not like working just on paperwork or doing one thing all day, it’s a bunch of different activities that are so exciting.

 I heard about Tracks from my older brother that worked here for a couple years, which I think is so cool and for working here, you're not alone because you're working with other people you can communicate with all the time and there are people helping you throughout this journey towards the summer.