19 Jul

Aaniin Boozhoo, I am Josh Knott from Curve Lake First Nation. I'm currently living in Curve Lake First Nation. I have been living on reserve my whole life. I am going into my last year of highschool at Thomas A, Stewart Secondary School.

I have a strong interest in sports. I played volleyball and went to OFSAA in the past fall, I play AA tigers baseball in peterborough, Also i am participating in the indeginous summer games this summer in Ottawa representing Curve Lake First Nation. I love playing sports and meeting people through sports.

At the curve lake pow wow there are a bunch of different things i do in past years. My favorite thing to do at the pow wow is dance. I am a grass dancer and I have been dancing for 4 years now. I used to be a drummer and traveled to a bunch of schools and venues to perform. My drum group was called the Red Path Singers. Also I fire keep when I get the chance too at the pow wow. I want to start to venture to other community pow wows and places and dance but I love dancing at home.

This is my second year doing the TRACKS Trailblazer Youth Program. Last year the program flew by and I learned so much over those weeks. The people I got to meet and listen to and learn from were amazing. There were so many knowledge holders and elders that knew so much stuff it was amazing to listen to their stories and legends.  

I love doing this type of work because of the opportunities and people I get to know from this. The new things I get to try and be a part of excite me too. I am also excited for the wonderful experience of TRACKS once again.