13 Jun

Aaniin! Hello(: my name is Jessica Cook (she/her) and I’m a settler of mixed European ancestry and guest living in Nogojiwanong/Peterborough. I really love to learn and share teachings with others through multiple lenses; especially in ways that center and are guided by Indigenous understanding and ways of being- so I am beyond grateful and excited to be working with the TRACKS team! 

Growing up I spent most of my time with Nature, observing all of the different beings, playing in the woods and wetlands, and going on canoe trips. I came to know Mother Earth as a healing, magical and teaching being and formed connections and a deep gratitude/love/admiration for life/Nature. These experiences guided me to Trent to learn more about what I love - our connections and relationships to Earth and each other. 

I started off at Trent in the environmental science program where I had the privilege of growing in courses taught by marvellous Knowledge Holders including David Newhouse and Barbara Moktthewenkwe Wall. I have them and many others in these classes/communities to thank for creating such warm and welcoming spaces where diverse lenses, ways of knowing and understanding are accepted and celebrated. 

I’m going into my 4th year, now in the IESS program, where I’m honoured to be learning how to move through life in a good way and walk the Anishinaabe prophesied 8th Fire and green path. I’m grateful and excited to be a part of TRACKS because the learning, growth and relationships that’re facilitated here embody the green path, Three Sisters Garden, and multiple-eyed seeing. 

I’m also passionate about helping create equitable spaces where youth and people of all ages can learn and express their knowledge in ways that support them and foster connection/relationship/community/responsibility, even beyond education; specifically through centering Indigenous understanding in land-based