04 Jun

I am so very excited to be back at TRACKS this year; the honourable work that I see everyday and get to be a part of always amazes me and is constantly evolving into something more creative and educational. Being able to gain strength in intelligence, confidence and advocacy around my culture has been extremely empowering as an Indigenous person, woman, student and leader. I love the work I do and am lucky enough to be a part of the TRACKS team for what is now going on to be my fourth summer back! 

Every member on the team every year has proved to be a massive educational influence and a hugely appreciated source of support for learning in a safe environment physically and emotionally.Working with amazing people and youth, being able to have endless opportunities to learn more about braiding Indigenous knowledges/ways of knowing with western sciences/technology; it is all very enlightening and you truly learn so much about yourself while also teaching about what you know.The youth open our eyes to new and beautiful ideas and ways of thinking / existing in this life, we could not wish for better or more brilliant young minds! Building a stronger connection to the land, water and living beings on earth couldn't be more fun and exciting!

Having access to Indigenous knowledge and stories is crucial to keeping our traditions alive and well, this is how we can learn from one another and how we have as Indigenous peoples for many years. Being restricted from most of our teachings, lands and waterways throughout the years makes reconnecting so powerful and brave; Especially for our youth. I consider myself honoured to be a part of the summer education team and to be able to work with all the wondrous youth returning again as well as the brilliant new campers!

-Cheyenne Jacobs-Culkeen