26 May

    Jaida has always loved working with youth. When she was younger she participated in TRACKS programming as well as Indigenous summer camps, big drum social events and Indigenous knowledge gatherings and teachings each year. Learning more about her own culture and what that looks like now, it has been very important for her growth and development to have access to this sort of programming. 

     Being a part of this programming helped give her more confidence in her culture and identity. Working with TRACKS she does her best to be able to help give opportunities to create this sort of safe learning environment that helped her when she was young. To her, this programming affected her as a young Indigenous youth in such a positive way making her feel like she fit somewhere as well as a place she could grow in her own skills and gifts. She’s always loved helping others and being able to see youth grow in their abilities. Being able to be a part of a program she's participated in has been so wonderful and gratifying and she's forever grateful for that experience. Making programming in the past with TRACKS really helped her build more skills and gain even more confidence in her abilities. 

     To Jaida, this new opportunity working with TRACKS is another opening for her to continue her own learning journey and continue to guide other youth in theirs. Working in the Summer Youth Supervisor position She looks forward to being able to continue developing exciting programming and thinking of new ways to support and build up these youth’s skills as hers were built up in this coming summer with the TRACKS team. Every day is a learning experience and she's grateful for the opportunities given to her by her trailblazers and to be able to now make a change for others.