26 Jun

Along with our amazing, talented Outreach and Education staff we have also hired Jazzmin Foster as our Oshkwazin Youth Program Supervisor. Our Oshkwazin Youth start next week, so it's time to meet Jazzmin!

Jazzmin Foster

Jazzmin Foster, Waaseyaa Nungo Niimi Migizi Aabinoojii Muskwa Ihkwewo Kanipawit, Oshkwazin Youth Program Supervisor, Cultural Advisor for Sustainable Trent, Two Spirit (Ayahkwew) of mixed ancestry; Aanishinaabe, Mi'kmaq & Cree, French, Scottish & Norse. Studying in the IESS program at Trent. Jazzmin is passionate about incorporating Traditional Ecological Knowledge into modern day living to help foster a sustainable global culture. Her inspiration comes from her son and her beautiful partner.