11 Dec

AniinNaanooshenhshii-Kwe minwa Grace indizhnikaazAlderville NdoonjibaaWabizhenhshii Ndoodem; Hello, Yellow Hummingbird Woman is my spirit name, although I go by Grace. I am a proud Anishnaabe Kwe from Alderville First Nation, and belong to the Martin clan. I grew up in my community, and have danced a fancy shawl my whole life, attending powwows both within and outside of my home MichiSaagiig Territory.    Growing up I had many teachers who taught me about my culture, including hand drumming and singing, traditional ceremonies and harvesting methods. I am still an active participant in my community, volunteering at the annual powwow, drum socials, Elder and youth gatherings as well as the annual Prairie Day at the Alderville Black Oak Savanna.   That's just a little bit about me! Recently I have been accepted into the position of Outreach and Education, Development and Delivery position with TRACKS! I’ve been working for tracks for two months, and thus far have enjoyed my experience working with students and my team.   My first experience with the TRACKS Youth Program was as a student many years ago and I am excited to now be putting my cultural knowledge into a scholarly setting to educate students about Indigenous peoples and Traditional Ecological Knowledge and Science. I am currently in my second year at Trent University, just having switched my major to the Indigenous Bachelors of Education stream. I am looking forward to assisting in the facilitation of passing on Indigenous knowledge to our future generations!