11 Dec

Geneva Walker ndizhinikaaz, hello my name is Geneva Walker. I work at TRACKS as the social media lead and office support position. I am in the process of completing a masters of Environment and Business at the University of Waterloo and have an undergraduate degree from Trent in Indigenous Environmental Studies. My educational journey aligns with my passions and interests of understanding how to embrace a more sustainable lens when engaging with the world.
My work and research in school has primarily focused on addressing issues with overconsumption/consumer habits, as well as integrating sustainable practises into the supply chain. My next phase of school focuses my research on  how braiding Indigenous science and Western science is key to sustainability education.
I enjoy spending time outdoors, hiking canoeing, camping, birding, and any form of identification of flora, fauna or constellations. I also am an avid rock climber and enjoy painting and sketching. Working with TRACKS since September has been an incredible journey for me. It has reawoken my love for environmental education, and has furthered my interests in pursuing a career in education. Encouraging/informing people to learn about the land and to go outside is one of the best parts of my job. Working with Tracks, Waab- Kookookoo and Gaag has also been a highlight. TRACKS is a wonderful organization that not only creates an incredible environment for their staff, but important educational opportunities for our youth. I would like to give a big Chi-Miigwech to TRACKS for rekindling my love of outdoor education, as well as sharpening my communication skills!