06 Apr

Dear Parents, Teachers, Community Partners,  former & present Staff and Volunteers and all other TRACKS funders and supporters,

As with other years, this report provides a brief summary of the past year for TRACKS.  This year has been challenging for us all. However, as we look back on it through avenues like this annual report, it is easy to see that we have many triumphs to celebrate as well. As you browse this report, we would like to recognize that none of what was accomplished this year would have been possible without the support and strength of the people, places and more-than-human relatives we rely on in the Nogojiwanong community.

In this report you will also find a special feature on TRACKS’s Ten Year Anniversary! Check out the last 14 pages of this report to see some of the work that was done as part of the 2020 Ten Years of TRACKS Project.

Miigwetch / Nia:wen / Thank you!

Access the annual report here: TRACKS Youth Program_2020 Annual Report.pdf