Hello. My name is Daisy, and I use She/her pronouns. I live in Peterborough County with my mom, brother, and dog. This is my third year at TRACKS as a Trailblazer, and I am so excited to be here again. 

I really wanted to work here again because the previous years were so fun. I made many new friends and gained many important teachings during the summer, so I wanted to apply again for another summer of experience. Coming into this program again, I am bringing my teamwork and leadership skills to help me throughout the summer. I will use these skills to help better my communication with everyone on the TRACKS team. I really want to work on my communication skills so that I can get the courage to talk to my peers and co-workers and share my ideas on things. 

Learning this skill will help me make more friends and have a good relationship with everyone around me. I also hope that it will be useful not only in TRACKS but anywhere. I am really happy to be here for a third year, and I'm so excited for this summer.