TRACKS Steering Team: Dr. Dan Longboat / Roronhiakewen (He Clears the Sky)
Associate Professor (Chanie Wenjack School for Indigenous Studies); founding Director of the Indigenous Environmental Science/Studies program (IESS)

As a co-founder of the TRACKS program, Dan provides much of the vision and mentorship for our Outreach and Education as well as our Oshkwazin Indigenous Youth Leadership programs. Dan Longboat is currently on sabbatical.

Dan is celebrated for his Traditional Rotinonshón:ni Knowledge and embeds this into his teaching and in developing the IESS program ongoing. Dan also acts as a cultural advisor and instructor for several programs at the First Nations Technical Institute, Ryerson University and several Ontario universities and colleges. Dan is invited to share across Turtle Island and lectures and teaches on diverse topics including Indigenous environmental Knowledges and philosophy, Indigenous responses to environmental issues, interactive science and Indigenous Knowledge systems, Indigenous education, pedagogy and Indigenous ways of knowing as founded upon Indigenous languages and cultures, the recognition and resurgence of Traditional Indigenous lifeways and practices, human health and the environment, Traditional Indigenous foods and medicines, natural resource development and restoration, community sustainability, international Indigenous networks, the recognition of Treaty and Indigenous rights and understandings of the environmental and human impacts of colonialism.

Dan and Chris Furgal created the TRent Aboriginal Cultural Knowledge and Science Initiative (TRACKS), in 2010 and remain committed to its vision and mandate today.