TRACKS coordinators

Kelly King

Outreach & Education Coordinator

Kelly King has joined TRACKS as the Outreach and Education Coordinator. She is in charge of all outreach and education programming including summer camps, in-school workshops, PA day programming, tabling and more.

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Kristin Muskratt

Oshkwazin Coordinator

Kristin Muskratt is excited to join the TRACKS team as the Oshkwazin Coordinator. Oshkwazin is TRACKS' newest initiative providing youth leadership development opportunities to high-school aged Indigenous youth.

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Madison Laurin

Operations Coordinator

Madison Laurin has joined TRACKS as the Operations Coordinator, working to support the TRACKS Outreach and Education Program as well as the Oshkwazin Program. Contact her with inquiries regarding any of the TRACKS programming.

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