Online and Onland Resources for Families

Online and Onland Resources for Families

Online and Onland Resources for Families

Hello families,

We know this is an unsettling and confusing time for you and your kids. We want you to know we’re here for you in the ways we can be. We feel that now is not the time to feel pressured to jump into homeschooling your children. We know many of you are still trying to balance full time jobs, care for others in your family and in our community, as well as keep up with everyday demands. Now is most importantly a time to make sure that everyone in your immediate circle is feeling heard, safe and connected to the ones that love them the most.

We’ve been working on compiling a list of online and onland resources that you can tap into for a step away from the news, for some connection with your family, for a literal breath of fresh air and most importantly, for some fun! If these resources work for you and the schedules you have found to work for your family, AMAZING! But above all of these suggestions, we recommend finding a rhythm as a family that helps to share the load… anything from some sous chef training, assisting with household chores, simple yard work or allowing everyone to have some quiet time alone. 

Our list of options is just that, options! See these as potential tasks if you’re looking for things to do. We recognize there’s a lot of resources out there right now and it might feel overwhelming. This list is our attempt at compiling a lot of them into one place so that you can easily find activities if you so choose.

Please let us know if there are more beneficial ways to go about supporting your families at this time and keep checking back for more resources! This list will be added to and refined for as long as the kids are at home.

With wishes of health and happiness,
the TRACKS team

See the full list of resources, organized by category, here!