Traditional Beading (beginner level)

Through this workshop, participants will be invited to learn patience and perseverance through traditional beading. This is a beginner level workshop where participants will get to make a beaded project! 

Participants will be given a kit with supplies to complete a beginner level beaded project. 

The project can be: 

  • small pair of earrings
  • pin
  • keychain

During this workshop participants will learn the basics of beading application for the beaded project chosen. Participants will learn various beading techniques and tips. They will be given a basic introduction to the Medicine Wheel.

Workshop details:

Ages: 14-18

Group size: no more than 10
Length: 3-4 hours depending on your group's beading experience. This can be done in 1 or 2 different sessions.
Cost: $35 per participant (up to 10)

This workshop has been developed for Indigenous youth ages 14-18. Self-identifying Indigenous youth can request this workshop for a group of friends (minimum of 5), teachers can request this workshop for their class, or community leaders can request this workshop for their Indigenous-affiliated group. 

To request this workshop, use our Online Workshop Request Form.

If you have any questions about the workshop, including how and why it has been developed for Indigenous youth, email Maggie Cummings at