Indigenous Food Sovereignty

This workshop will define and discuss key concepts such as food justice, food security, food systems and food sovereignty. Participants will focus on the concept of Indigenous food sovereignty, what that means and examples of what that looks like in context. We will touch on issues of access for Indigenous Peoples in Northern and isolated communities. We will also explore the modern global food system and its effects on food sovereignty, sustainability, labour rights, etc. and talk about ways to resist this food system. Participants will be engaged in a ‘planting intentions’ activity, to illustrate the importance of social capital, local food systems and food sovereignty. This workshop can branch off into several action research projects, such as creating a community local food guide, starting a school garden, or volunteering at a community garden or food justice organization.  

Workshop details:

Ages: 14-18
Length: 90 minutes *can be flexible to fit groups' timeframes
Cost: $175 or FREE for Indigenous youth and Indigenous-affiliated groups.

This workshop has been developed for Indigenous youth ages 14-18. Self-identifying Indigenous youth can request this workshop for a group of friends (minimum of 5), teachers can request this workshop for their class, or community leaders can request this workshop for their Indigenous-affiliated group. 

To request this workshop, use our Online Workshop Request Form.

If you have any questions about the workshop, including how and why it has been developed for Indigenous youth, email