Activism and Leadership

Through this workshop, youth will be engaged to consider what activism means to them, and the role youth play in making change. We will examine examples of young activists, and discuss finding your ‘why’, as well as the types of activism (especially art) and self-care to sustain your activism. We will begin to learn about identity politics and how identity can be both a form of art and of resistance!

Workshop details:

Ages: 14-18
Length: 90 minutes *can be flexible to fit groups' timeframes
Cost: $175 or FREE for Indigenous youth and Indigenous-affiliated groups.

This workshop has been developed for Indigenous youth ages 14-18. Self-identifying Indigenous youth can request this workshop for a group of friends (minimum of 5), teachers can request this workshop for their class, or community leaders can request this workshop for their Indigenous-affiliated group. 

To request this workshop, use our Online Workshop Request Form.

If you have any questions about the workshop, including how and why it has been developed for Indigenous youth, email Maggie Cummings at