TRACKS Oshkwazin is now offering Online Workshops focused on building leadership in Indigenous youth ages 14-18!

Check out our current online workshop offerings here before submitting your request.

Workshop details:
Ages: 14-18
Length: Various
Cost: Various or FREE for Indigenous youth and Indigenous-affiliated groups.

The TRACKS Oshkwazin workshops have been developed for Indigenous youth ages 14-18. Self-identifying Indigenous youth can request this workshop for a group of friends (minimum of 5), teachers can request this workshop for their class, or community leaders can request this workshop for their Indigenous-affiliated group. 
If you have requests that do not fit into this form, please email

Contact Information

The first part of this workshop request form will ask some questions of *you* as the person filling out the request. You will act as the contact person for whatever group you are signing up. 


Group Information

The next section of the workshop request form will ask some questions about the group you are signing up. Remember, any sort of group can sign up as long as the group will have more than 5 participants and is somehow Indigenous-affiliated (i.e. self identifying friend group, class w/ Indigenous students, etc.).

This section will ask about pricing and scheduling logistics. The workshops are free for Indigenous youth. Once you submit your request, we will provide a quote for each individual group, based on the information provided. 


Workshop Request

Miigwech for your interest! Click the submit button to send your request.