In this workshop you’ll learn about the different species of turtles in Ontario and what makes each of them so important for the ecosystems they care for. Hear from Wendy Baggs at the Ontario Turtle Conservation Centre who will tell you about her work with turtles and how they contribute to biodiverse environments!

As you may know, all TRACKS workshops combine Indigenous Science and Western Science within an environmental context. All online workshops will relate to the natural world and encourage kids to think about their responsibilities to the land.

With each workshop, we will also offer add-on activities for classes/families/groups that wish to take the learning further.

Workshop details:
Grades: 1-8
Length: 45 - 60 minutes
Cost: $100

This workshop is best suited for grades 1-8. However, if requested, we are able to adapt this workshop for other age groups as well 

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