16 Jun

You have found Nature Glyph Number Four!

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Oboodashkwaanishiinh is the name for dragonfly in this territory. When you are near nibi (water) you probably have noticed oboodashkwaanishiinh. The reason you may see them near nibi is that they are very connected, in fact every stage of their life is connected to nibi.  

Female oboodashkwaanishiinh will lay their eggs on the surface of nibi, and once the eggs hatch, they enter a stage called nymph. The nymph stage for oboodashkwaanishiinh is spent in nibi where they are hunting other aquatic invertebrates. In this stage they will molt between 6-15 times! When they are ready for adulthood they will leave nibi to shed into their mature skin. After this time in their metamorphosis they are able to fly! Even though they spend time in the air, they will still stay close to nibi. The food they eat and the babies they have rely on nibi for their survival. 

Land Invitation: Oboodashkwaanishiinh are beautiful and very colourful. Your land invitation is to find as many colours of dragonfly that live in this territory. Remember, you can find these relatives near nibi but also open fields, anywhere with lots of food!  

Oboodashkwaanishiinh is a long name to say! Watch this video to help you learn the name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY3l7sbbk2g