02 Aug

Hint #1

Nature Glyph #1

Location: Jackson Park

Take a stroll along the pond, with families of cattails it has donned

Past the water you will see, a thicket, a grove, and a skinny tree

Here the nature glyph resides, below, a precious medicine it provides

Healing blisters of poison ivy, recommended very highly

Find the glyph to learn more, for healing and teachings are in store

Hint #2

Nature Glyph #2

Location: Jackson Park

Look for a path that follows the creek,
There you will find the glyph that you seek

Near the solid bridge where trails collide,
Find the glyph on the more forested side

Hung in a tree where bone medicine grows,
You can hear a trickle of water, where a stream flows

The plants you will see look like a snake
They help bones grow strong, so they dont break

When you find the glyph, stick to one side,
The path is busy with people on a walk or a ride

Hint #3

Nature Glyph #3

Location: Rotary Park


Nature glyph number three,
Is located on a small tree

Find the path that follows the river,
You will hear croaking that the frogs deliver

The glyph is by a pond with a beautiful lily flower
As well as strong white pine that tower

Turtle Island is one of the name’s for this place
Where you can swim and feel the sun on your face

Hint #4

Nature Glyph #4

Location: Beavermead Park

Walk past the sandy beaches where volleyball is played,
Look for a small tree hiding in the shade

Go over the bridge that crosses Whitlaw Creek,
Where Kingbird’s catch prey with their beak

Across from where the new museum is being built,
It is located where the water mixes with silt

Along the grassy shore is where you will find me,
This glyph is of a being that flies so freely

Hint #5

Nature Glyph #5

Location: Beavermead, GreenUp Ecology Park

Our fifth glyph is hidden by mead creek,
A connection to water is what you seek

You will find the glyph by a small boardwalk,
There you can sit on the bench and talk

Go past the gardens of native plants,
And you will see the shoreline with a quick glance

When you get to the water you will see wildflowers around,
Walk quietly and you may hear a bird sound

Hint #6

Nature Glyph #7

Location: Mark S. Burnham

From the parking lot, head on the path to the right,
You will pass a shelter, and a small meadow that’s bright

Walk through the the maple, beech, and ash trees,
Take in a deep breath and enjoy the pleasant breeze

The canopy is painted with fall color,
Earlier is was green and shady in summer

700 paces will take to where it is hidden,
Look out for the mosquitoes as many have been bitten

Hint #7

Nature Glyph #8

Location: Mark S. Burnham

From the parking lot head left towards the trail,
If you walk towards the fork, you will prevail

Continue towards the hemlock stand,
Where the forest is thick in this beautiful land

Before the trails merges with another,
Look for a hemlock that provides cover

The glyph speaks to a special connection,
Where a porcupine shows their glowing affection

Hint #8

Nature Glyph #6

Location: Harold Town Conservation Area

Hike the winding hilly trails,
Where the mountain bike hales

Not too far from the first path towards the big hill,
A bit of searching will be a good skill

Look for a small shrub with many sticks,
Here you will find glyph number six

Learn about our connection to the stars,
Come back in the evening and you just might see mars

Hint #9

Nature Glyph #9

Location: Trent Nature Area

The Canal nature area has your ninth prize,
It will require a walk and use of your eyes

Take the short loop on the trail that is blue ,
You will be meet with a shady trail and a nice view

Head towards the waters edge,
Your in the right spot if you are at the second seat ledge

The glyph is facing where the water lilies grow,
In is a small clearing, where you may hear a crow

Hint #10

Nature Glyph #10

Location: Trent Nature Area

Last but not least, we have glyph number ten,
The path is not too long to search again

At Trent Wildlife Sanctuary go past the sign,
To the right where the trails align

Look for a small shrub called a sumac,
There are many to see, so you may have to track

The glyph has a picture of wildflower chicory,
Once you have a photo, celebrate your victory