02 Aug

Hint #1

Nature Glyph #1

Location: Jackson Park

Take a stroll along the pond, with families of cattails it has donned

Past the water you will see, a thicket, a grove, and a skinny tree

Here the nature glyph resides, below, a precious medicine it provides

Healing blisters of poison ivy, recommended very highly

Find the glyph to learn more, for healing and teachings are in store

Hint #2

Nature Glyph #2

Location: Jackson Park

Look for a path that follows the creek,
There you will find the glyph that you seek

Near the solid bridge where trails collide,
Find the glyph on the more forested side

Hung in a tree where bone medicine grows,
You can hear a trickle of water, where a stream flows

The plants you will see look like a snake
They help bones grow strong, so they dont break

When you find the glyph, stick to one side,
The path is busy with people on a walk or a ride

Hint #3

Nature Glyph #3

Location: Rotary Park


Nature glyph number three,
Is located on a small tree

Find the path that follows the river,
You will hear croaking that the frogs deliver

The glyph is by a pond with a beautiful lily flower
As well as strong white pine that tower

Turtle Island is one of the name’s for this place
Where you can swim and feel the sun on your face