Aki Virtual Camp Week

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You have been directed to this page because you have been invited to opt-in to the Aki Virtual Camp Week which is connected to the Aki Camp Kit you have ordered.

Join us for this virtual camp week to learn all about Aki/the land! We’ll be talking about Mother Earth’s structure, savanna ecosystems and controlled burning, reciprocity in relationships, plant medicines and traditional food systems! We will also be hearing from some of the incredible friends of TRACKS, including Beedahbin Peltier and Joe Pitawanakwat. You won’t want to miss this week of land-centered learning!

Dates & Times:

Aki Virtual Camp Week will take place August 9th - August 13th. On Monday through Friday of that week, your campers will be able to tune into two live camp sessions (morning and afternoon) with our TRACKS instructors and special guests. Each day, the camp sessions will be:

  • 10:00am-11:30am and
  • 1:00pm-2:30pm
While we would love to see your camper for both sessions each day as there will be new activities and teachings to explore each time we do understand that families have other plans this summer. Please still opt-in if you expect to attend any of the sessions.

Other Important Details

Your camper will need their Aki Camp Kit while they are participating in camp. The guaranteed delivery date for these kits is August 8th.

Please indicate if you will be opting-in or opting-out of the virtual camp week by August 6thThe Zoom details and waiver for virtual camp will also be shared by August 6th

The virtual camp week is designed for youth between the ages of 6-12. Kids between these ages shouldn't need direct adult participation, however if your campers are younger you may need to provide extra support.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact operations@tracksprogram.ca 


With the goal of making these Summer Camp Kits and Virtual Camps accessible to all families, including vulnerable youth, and with support from Actua and the Ontario Mnistry of Education, we are able to offer our Summer Camp Kits and Virtual Camps free of charge to all families. 


We are accepting donations with each Summer Camp Kit order as well as with Virtual Camp sign-ups. If you have already sent a donation for your Summer Camp Kit, please also consider sending one for your camper's participation in the Virtual Camp Week, which is being curated by our dedicated staff members and will include important opportunities to connect with knowledge holders and elders.  Please see below for a breakdown of the true cost of the Virtual Camp Weeks this year.

Virtual Camp Weeks (per camper)
TRACKS instructors prep/development of curriculum$40
Registration logistics$10
TRACKS instructors facilitation of camp$50
Knowledge Holders & Elders$20

We acknowledge that the pandemic has not only created unprecedented levels precarity for non-profit organizations like ours but for families as well. Please do not feel any pressure to donate if it is not feasible, however we would appreciate the support from those families who can. If you would like to make a donation, please e-transfer finance@tracksprogram.ca. No password is needed.



If you have opted-out, feel free to skip the rest of this form and submit! 

Camper Information

Please note, we have only accounted for up to 2 campers per household. Each camper will want their own camp kit while they participate, so please submit only as many campers as you have ordered kits (check your confirmation email if you don't remember!). 

If you would like to request that another camper joins, please reach out to us at operations@tracksprogram.ca